Дамски Кецове NIKE Air Force 1 Hi Liberty Quickstrike Release

Наличност: 2 - 3 Days
Код на артикула: 504420
149,99лв. 249,99лв.
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The new Air Force 1 is here!!! But we can reassure and calm you down…everything remains the same and that's a good thing. Only in the design of the Upper, the Nike guys have topped their game again. The actual version of the Nike Air Force One Hi LIB QS LIBERTY comes in a sweet dark blue and gets accented through the amazing floral pattern, which Liberty Art is known for. The Nike Air Force 1 tells us once again, that not one square centimeter of the shoe can be outmatched. It is and will still be the Nike sneaker, which probably enjoys the highest recognition, not at least because it got pushed throughout the hiphop-scene for decades like no other. A must-have for every fashionista out there!
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